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This technique can be used to alter the shape of worn or chipped teeth - providing the damage is not too great. Composite materials are used to reshape defects and close spaces between teeth. The results are immediate, but the patient should be prepared to replace these restorations more frequently. Better long-term alternatives involve veneers or crowns.


Bridges are restorations designed to replace missing teeth. It involves reducing the size of the teeth next to the space that act as supports. There is a limit to the length which can be bridged and there needs to be a tooth support at each end for long term success.

CEREC Restorations

CEREC is used to provide porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in a single dental appointment. CEREC restorations match your natural tooth colour and are made of durable ceramic material, which is almost as strong as dental enamel. This procedure is an ideal option when there is a large amalgan / silver filling that has fractured or needs replacing. This procedure can take as little time as 60 minutes.

Cleaning/ Stain Removal

The regular removal of stain, plaque and tartar is absolutely essential to the long-term look and health of teeth and gums. The dental hygienist provides this service.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This is a category of dentistry that concentrates on having your teeth look the best that they can be as well as lasting longer. It may include veneers, composite or ceramic inlays, crowns bridges and tooth coloured fillings.

Crowns ('Cap')

These are used when a tooth is heavily filled or was previously treated with a root canal treatment. Crowns provide excellent strength to the tooth while improving overall aesthetics. We can provide same day digital crowns in 90 minutes with our CEREC machine.


These can be full (whole arch or whole mouth) or partial (replacing one or several teeth). All dentures are removable and have a tendency to move. To achieve stability, partial dentures need clasps (or hooks) to help the partial hang on to the natural teeth. Both partial and complete dentures can be made to appear quite natural using the latest artificial teeth and acrylics. Implants can also be placed to have something for the denture to attach to, achieving greater stability.

Grinding Teeth (Bruxing)

Bruxing is the unintentional grinding together of your teeth. Most people do not even know that they are doing it because they are sleeping or concentrating on some activity. There needs to be therapy to keep the teeth from being damaged by the constant grinding. Which is a bite splint or guard that you wear to protect your teeth.


This type of tooth replacement involves the placing of a titanium metal root within the bone. This artificial root is allowed to integrate into the bone for a number of weeks before a crown or bridge is attached to it. During the healing phase, a temporary prosthesis restores your smile. The success rate for implants can be as high as 95%. Mini-implates are also an option in an arch where there are no teeth, or poor bony ridge, to hook on a denture for extra retention.


When the cavity is large, an inlay may be needed for strength. These restorations are fabricated by a dental lab and usually require two or more appointments at the office for insertion.

Micro Abrasion

This can be used to remove blemishes on the surface of the teeth providing that the crevices that are holding the stain are not too deep.

Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth that need to be straightened to create a more beautiful smile or teeth that need to be moved so that a patient can chew properly can be done through orthodontic treatments. Some treatments are more extensive and require a long-term commitment or will require surgery.

Periodontal Surgery

When there is damage to the gums often periodontal surgery is needed to restore the gums back to health. The damage that can be corrected depends on the type of damage and how extensive it is.

Preventive Hygiene

Going to the dental office for regular checkups will be one of the most effective ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. By a close examination and scaling your dental professional will be able to detect early signs of tooth decay or damage to the gums

Root Canal Treatment

There is often damage to the nerves and soft tissues inside your teeth requiring the need to have a root canal performed. Essentially this is the process of removing this soft tissue from inside the teeth to end pain, sensitivity or recurring infection.


Sealants are an excellent way to reduce the incidence of cavities in a young persons mouth. A sealant is simply a very thin layer of material that is bonded to the biting surface of the back teeth creating a barrier that protects the teeth from getting cavities.

Mouth/Sports Guards

Sports Guards are a must for protecting teeth from having teeth damaged by sports activities. A custom fitted sports mouth guard reduces the number of sports injuries to the teeth.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)

The TMJ, (or Temporomandibular Joint), and the surrounding group of muscles allow us to chew, swallow, speak, and yawn. Temporomandibular Disorders, (or TMD), include joint or muscle pain, headaches, limited mobility, and clicking, grinding, or popping noises. Following a thorough diagnosis, a treatment plan will be recommended for your TMD.

Tooth Whitening

Whitening is a very effective technique for lightening teeth. It will not, however, alter the appearance of existing fillings and crowns.


These are thin porcelain surfaces that are bonded over the front tooth surface. Very little tooth reduction is needed in order to have a veneer. Veneers can be used to restore ageing teeth that are worn down, close spaces and change the colour of teeth or repair chipped teeth.

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